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4 signs it’s time to get rid of an agent

Not everyone in a contact center is cut out to be there. Here are clear signs it’s time to part ways with agents.

Contact center leaders don’t want to burn bridges – even with sub-standard agents. After all, they may develop into superstars at a different job, and the timing may be right for them to come back to your contact center some day.

However, Coaching expert Marshall Goldsmith says these are clear signs it’s probably time for an agent to go.

  1. Agent doesn’t see a problem. An agent who continually says, “I don’t see the problem,” when the manager points out performance or behavioral issues is a problem. She will never change.
  2. Agent hurts the company’s reputation. Most agents are proponents of their employers and the products or services they support. Agents who bad-mouth their company, policies, co-workers and/or products and services should be let go.
  3. Agent brings down others. Bad attitudes can spread like venom in a contact center. Good agents will get tired of listening to bad agents’ negative talk. Some agents may even start to agree. Stop the poisonous spread by getting rid of it.
  4. Agent thinks everyone else is the problem. Agents who complain they’re victims to policies, people and bad circumstances are likely the cause of their problems – and will always be.

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