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4 reasons your customers are so angry

Customers are angry, but not at you. Here’s why.

Ina a Clickfox study, customers say this is what burns them up about Service:

    1. Having to explain their situation repeatedly to get the help they need
    2. Dealing with rude or inexperienced service professionals, and
    3. Being on hold for long periods of time, and
    4. Malfunctioning self-service options

      Here are the top ways to avoid putting customers through their worst frustrations:

        • Give reps more tools. Make sure reps can reach broadly to resolve issues. The more knowledge they have at their fingertips – via intranet, in-house experts on call or knowledge of comprehensive databases – the less likely they’ll have to pass customers onto someone else.
        • Hire for attitude, train for aptitude. Happy people make others happy.
        • Promote self service and train customers how to use it. Tell them about your options often and offer to walk them through it so it won’t fail them.

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