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4 reasons you should train now

A little more training will go a long way. We have proof.

When contact centers get busy, the first thing to go is usually training. That’s ironic, considering training will help everyone become more productive. In fact, a 10% increase in training led to an 8.6% boost in productivity, a National Center on Educational Quality of the Workforce study found.

Still, if you need more convincing, here are the top reasons contact centers increase training – and ways to actually do it.

  1. Accuracy will increase. Training increases agents’ confidence about what to do in every situation so they’ll work quicker with fewer mistakes. Tip: Make sure training includes refreshers on what still works well and one way to improve a regular task to keep agents sharp.
  2. Attitudes and employee loyalty will improve. Training opportunities show agents that the company cares about their quality of work and skills enough to help them do better. Tip: Give agents opportunities to train on site and at industry events such as The ICMI Call Center Demo & Conference.
  3. Efficiency will rise. When trainers, agents and leaders sit down to learn, they often uncover inefficiencies and share best practices that make everyone more efficient. Tip: Include in training time to talk about agents go through or would go through processes to find the best ways to accomplish everyday tasks.
  4. Profits will increase. When asked, agents can often identify the greatest weaknesses, potential for increasing sales and best topics for training. Tip: Ask agents regularly for training topic suggestions. Use their ideas, or explain why some can’t be used.

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