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4 phrases that kill upsell attempts

Any time your sales and service people are trying to help customers find the right fit or increase an order, saying the wrong thing can kill the sale.

The four sale-killers, and their alternatives, as listed in the April issue of Customer Service Advantage:

  • “I want to …” That takes the focus off customers and what they need and places it on what you think they should have or do. Instead: “You may want to …”
  • “You should …” It often comes across as condescending. Customers want to think they know what’s best for them. Instead: “Have you considered …?” or “What do you think about …?”
  • “Can I have a minute of your time?” You’ll almost always take more time so don’t set up the wrong expectation. Instead: “Is this a good time to talk about this?”
  • “I can’t do that, but …” A sale should be on customers’ terms. It’s best to avoid the word “can’t.” Instead: “What I will do …”



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