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4 of the best times for contact center pros to sell

Customer contact agents can be sales pros, too – and nothing like the sneaky guy you remember from that first lemon you bought. Of course, before agents sell, they must help customers with their needs.

The good news: Almost every helping situation is an opportunity for service pros to sell appropriate products or services to customers.

Here are the best opportunities:

  • Re-orders. Sure, you’ve fulfilled a sale. Now is there something else customers need to reorder?
  • New orders. These are opportunities to cross- or upsell. Tell customers about products or services that complement what they’ve ordered. Or introduce them to a higher quality model or upgraded service. They may not even know you offer them.
  • Problem reports. This is the most important time to handle the issues first. Only when you’re 100% sure they’re satisfied can you mention a new service or product that might eliminate the original issue.
  • Questions, status updates. Since these calls often entail short conversations, you might have time to tell them about sales, promotions or special offers that fit their needs.

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