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4 keys to recruiting the best agents out there

When you must hire, you want to bring on agents who will mesh with your existing staff, bring something new to the table and be productive. These recruiting tips can help.

Good luck doesn’t get the right people in-house. A careful plan does.

  1. Profile the ideal. Create an ideal candidate profile that includes the skills, behaviors, personality and background your best agents possess, suggests contact center expert Greg Levin.
  2. Get referrals. Turn to current agents first for new agents. They know the position and often know people who would fill it well. Encourage them refer potential candidates with bonuses awarded if that person is hired and stays.
  3. Rely on new and old methods to find candidates. Old-school methods such as newspapers and job boards still garner good candidates. Also use recruiting websites and online job boards to get a well-rounded group of candidates.
  4. Screen every channel. Contact center agents use nearly every communication channel. Have candidates write, email and talk with you over the phone before you meet face-to-face so you can gauge their ability to handle those channels. If they can, it’s time to consider them for the job.

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