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4 inexpensive – yet priceless – holiday gifts for your customers

You probably want to thank, and maybe even reward, customers this holiday season. Here are four inexpensive ideas that will feel priceless to customers.

It’s the thought that counts, and these gifts prove you think well of your customers:

1. Peace

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the most overwhelming. People’s work and home to-do lists grow. Their inboxes overflow. Their time slips away. Don’t add to the things they need to do, sift through or act on.

Unless this is your business’ crunch time (like it is for retail), put a break on the information, promotions and regular communication you send.

Instead, send one heartfelt thank you message (via their favorite communication channel) at the beginning of this season. Then tell them that you’re available as always throughout the holidays. But plan to hold off on superfluous communication because you want them to have more peaceful time to spend doing the things they love with the people they love.

2. Gratitude

You likely thank customers every time there’s a transaction or contact. Do something a little more personal and special this time of year.

For instance, one company uses billboards throughout its area to thank customers — putting some of their smiling faces on the billboards. Another company sends employees to customers’ locations to deliver fresh holiday treats such as fruit, candy and coffee.

3. Education

Set up a series of podcasts, webinars or YouTube videos on subjects that are valuable to your customers for the early months of next year. When the sessions are closer send customers links to attend the live events for free.

Some ideas for the kind of education opportunities to offer: maximizing the use of your products or services, understanding new or changing industry regulations, advice (from your in-house experts) on finances, career development or work/life balance strategies — or anything that’s valuable to your specific customers for personal or professional reasons.

4. Goodness

You can be charitable and give customers credit for their good work.

Many companies make donations of time and money to organizations throughout the year. Some do it in the general name of customers once a year. You can get even more personal than that.

For example, a marketing service provider bought cows through an international organization focused on ending poverty. Then the firm named the cows — which are meant to help families and communities get on course to overcome poverty — after major customer projects and thanked customers for the opportunity to work with them.

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