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4 crazy ways to build customer loyalty

Satisfaction is good. Loyalty is better. Raving fandom is best — and you can gain that kind of fanatical customer loyalty with these proven ideas.

Some companies have turned seemingly crazy ideas into customer loyalty:

1. Make it an earned privilege

You’ve probably noticed the growing number of hardcore challenging sporting events — and the number of people wearing T-shirts like a badge of honor to prove they ran through electrical wires and jumped from 30-foot high walls.

Tough Mudder, just one of these extreme sports events, asks its customers to sign a death waiver before taking part in its 12-mile obstacle course — and customers are lining up to do it week after week. They want in on the privilege.

Tip: Give customers the opportunity to be part of a special group, and once they are in the group they might feel invested in promoting your company. Perhaps you can invite them to become members of a high-level club — getting first dibs on products or special promotions — perhaps after they’ve been with you for a certain time or have made X number of purchases.

2. Involve them in the work

Involving customers in the experience — rather than just delivering it to them — creates genuine engagement. Case in point: Build-A-Bear. The company could build stuffed bears for customers. Instead, customers have a hands-on experience picking fur color, clothing and accessories for their one-of-a-kind stuffed animal.

Tip: Offer a way for customers to personalize their experiences with you. For instance, a manufacturer that sells music speakers, and has limited possibilities for personalizing products, puts engraved plates on customers’ speakers that say, “Especially made for …”

3. Build a community

Harley-Davidson has such loyal customers that many of them tattoo the company logo on their bodies. It’s because the company has helped create a community among its customers. It has promoted a lifestyle, not just a product, for a century. It has encouraged customers to be together and communicate through events and education.

Tip: Offer customers outlets on social media to share thoughts and help each other solve problems and maximize how they use your products. Host periodic events where customers can come together and learn more about your company and each other.

4. Lighten up

One of the reasons Southwest Airlines has so many raving fans is because leaders and front-line employees infuse some humor and fun into the customer experience. While they’re serious about business, Southwest is not as serious about how it gets done: Employees have the authority to make sure customers are happy — especially when circumstances aren’t so fun. Gate attendants sometimes throw silly contests and give gift cards to waiting passengers with the oldest penny, biggest hole in their socks or stockings, or worst looking briefcase.

Tip: Stay serious about the business of customer service, but lighten up on how it’s delivered.

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