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3 ways to identify high-ROI lead sources

Here are three ways to monitor your sales leads more effectively, and determine which sources provide the most bang for your buck: 

  1. Rate receptiveness. It’s important to keep track of how receptive leads from a certain source are to your initial contact. Rate prospects’ receptiveness to the initial cold call on a scale 1-5. If prospects score high on that scale, shorten the intervals between points of contact. If not, delay following up with them and focus on more high-probability prospects.
  2. Create a cost/impact scorecard. Assign a numeric value to every way you communicate with prospects, based on how effective it is. For example: face-to-face meeting = 5 pts,  a phone call = 3 pts, an email = 2 pts, a direct mail or fax = 1 pt. By keeping track of each contact, you can start to see how many “points” it takes to close a sale. This way salespeople won’t waste as much time with stalling prospects, and you’ll be able to see if there’s some part of the selling process reps need to tighten up.
  3. Look at buying history by source. Keep a record of all the interactions prospects have with your company, so you can get a feel for which lead sources are the most reliable, and which ones aren’t cost-effective.

Source: “Three Ways to Improve Your Lead-Nurturing Strategy,” by Kathy Rizzo,

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