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3 ways to help your contact center bounce back from winter doldrums

Less daylight, cool temperatures and winter blues can wear down even the happiest contact center agent. Here are three ways to help everyone bounce back and stay motivated.

  1. Change something. Ask everyone to look at their work goals and suggest one thing that would make it easier for them to achieve them. Make adjustments where possible.
  2. Stay focused on day-to-day impact. The importance of routine work and ordinary tasks (that make your contact center tick) is often overlooked. Ask customers and company executives to come in and talk to agents about the impact they have.
  3. Get back on the wagon. Holidays are a fun time to splurge. Now it’s time to encourage healthy habits so agents can avoid illness and winter blues. When you provide food, choose fruit and veggie trays. Fill the vending machines with healthier choices such as nuts and baked snacks. And start a lunch-time or post-work walking group.

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