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3 ways to create better content for customers

Customers can’t enjoy your experience until they decide to engage with your company. Great content will get them engaged.

Here are three keys to create and deliver better content, from the experts at Loomly:

1. Plan

“You want to plan your content before you even think about publishing it,” says Loomly CEO Thibaud Clément. “What you’ll publish the next day, next week or in a month – it all helps build a brand image.”

Clément suggest you determine what you want to publish and when. If there’s just one person who handles writing the content for your social media, blog, website and beyond, he or she might write in batches on topics that flow together.

“You can just get your creative juices flowing and get a lot done,” Clément jokes.

If several people are involved in writing content, you’ll want one person scheduling posts and overseeing topics so they complement each other – and don’t compete with each other.

You’ll also want to make sure the content follows a similar style and uses the same language when referring to your products or services. And you might create and post content to coincide with products or service you’re promoting.

2. Involve

Content creation is “no longer a one-person job,” Clément says.

Ask people who are product experts to create content on cool features customers can try or tactics they might use to maximize their purchase. Get salespeople to share industry insight. Ask HR to write about labor practices affecting everyone. Or ask the CFO to share tips on how businesses and individuals can improve cash flow.

You want to give customers content that improves their lives and businesses – not just content that promotes your company, products and services.

“You can add detailed nuances to the content,” Clément says. “It improves the quality of the content and raises your expertise.”

3. Measure

You want to continue to make sure your content is relevant. The true measurement is if customers are clicking on it and engaging with it. Do they comment and share?

“The sentiment might be good, but if people aren’t engaging, it might not be working,” Clément says. “You want to measure your achievement to the goals you set.”

And that goal is engagement. When you see engagement, “give them more of what they want,” he says.

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