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3 ways to bring back first-time customers

You may have picked up lots of new customers as the economy improved. Now it’s time to work on keeping them.

Here are three ways contact center agents can make first-time customers loyal:

  1. Look for a need beyond the desire. When new customers order, they tell you what they want. Give that and more. Ask questions to make sure they’ve ordered what best fits their needs. If you find a “better fit,” you’ll win loyalty.
  2. Give a bonus. Agents don’t have to give away anything extra. Just mention something that’s included already. Example: “We’ll send that two-day delivery so you have it right away,” or “You can access your account 24 hours a day with this pass code.”
  3. Keep it fresh. Follow up with first-time customers (maybe IT can set up an alert so agents know to make calls two weeks after an order) to offer help or information that’s new or different from what they got.

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