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3 ways to bounce back when someone screwed up

You screwed up and a customer is angry about it. What next? Here’s how to bounce back and keep the customer loyal.

Upset customers often walk and talk (badly, that is) after an agent or a company makes a mistake. Avoid the bad blood with this rebound:

  1. Own the mistake. Don’t sugarcoat it, whether you tell customers about the error or they report it to you. Admit that it was a mistake on your part and that you’re going to make it right, right now.
  2. Get customers’ input. Let customers vent (if the want) about how the error has affected them. Then ask their opinion on what should be done. They’ll appreciate being involved in the solution and might come up with something that you hadn’t considered and will make them happy again.
  3. Give up something. Make the error right and give customers a reason to come back – a coupon, discount, chance to be the first to try something new, etc.

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