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3 ways good customer service gets derailed

No one in the contact center intends to derail good customer service, but it happens. Here’s how to avoid three setbacks.

Never overlook these vital areas that contribute heavily to great service, says customer loyalty expert Peggy Morrow.

  •  Customer feedback. Even when customers don’t complain, contact centers need to constantly solicit feedback. Asking the question, “What could have we done better?” at the end of conversations can be enough if you don’t do regular surveys. Also, agents want to listen for and document customers’  “I wish …” statements. They’re telling you what they want and expect.
  •  Training. It can’t fall by the wayside, even in busy times. Avoid “baptism by fire” for new hires and schedule continuous training at least quarterly.
  • Complaint handling. Complaints are a golden opportunity to build a great service reputation. More than 90% of customers who have their problems fixed on the spot will stay loyal and tell others about your company. Encourage agents to regularly review and tweak your complaint handling process so customers get the best, fastest possible resolutions.

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