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3 ways agents can build customer loyalty every day

Contact center agents can leverage their daily contact with customers to build superb loyalty. Here’s how.

Agents on the front line can use their daily transactional contact with customers to foster long-term relationships like this:

  • Understand customers. Some customers love to chat. Others are all business. Identify which type you have on the line and cater to that kind of relationship. Tip: Customers who speak quickly and with short sentences are usually all business. Long-winded customers will come back if you make them feel like family.
  • Recognize them. Most agents don’t have the means to give customers rewards or perks. But they can recognize them with praise for loyalty, compliments for their choices and thanks for their business.
  • Connect on several levels. Agents should offer customers reasons to connect through different channels. If they just call, invite them to take an email coupon. If they email, direct them to promotions on the website.

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