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3 trends contact centers need to watch

Technology continues to change the face of customer service. Here are the latest trends that will likely cause some changes in your contact center.

Some bring you closer to customers while others make it easier to have less contact and still provide great service, according to trend watchers at 1to1 Media.

Here’s what you’ll want to prepare for:

  1. More video-chatting. More video conference platforms on the market have made video chat with groups of customers an everyday reality at many companies. More customers and companies will continue to adopt this trend – one being computer giant Dell, which uses it so agents can work with several customers at one time. Plus, it humanizes the customer service experience again.
  2. Mobile apps for a direct connect. Customers increasingly own smartphones and mobile computers. They want direct access to service from them.  The key will be allowing them to interact seamlessly from one medium to another (say the app to an actual phone call).
  3. A single ID. Customers have so many numbers attached to them – social security number, passwords, licenses, etc. – they’ll like the streamlining of ID that may come in down the road. That means there may be a shift to a universal ID and pool of customer ID.

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