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3 signs it’s time to sever ties with a customer

Loyalty’s great, but some customers aren’t worth it.

In fact, some times it’s better for everyone involved – agents, customers and the company – if you parted ways.

Bad customers may look good because they buy a lot, but it’s tougher to put a price on the toll they take on employees’ morale and everyone’s time (spent managing their near-impossible demands).

You don’t have to “fire” any customers. Instead, you can direct them to other suppliers, claiming you can’t meet their needs.

Here are three signs it might be time to do that.

  1. Customers continually leave agents upset. They might use inappropriate language, demean agents or the company or speak condescendingly. That behavior kills morale, and will make agents less productive.
  2. Customer makes last minute changes time after time. These customers often don’t know what they want – and are usually dissatisfied when they eventually get what they requested.
  3. Customers threaten to leave if you don’t meet their demands. If you meet their demand this time, they will only up it next time. They’re probably better off leaving now.

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