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3 reasons contact center agents are stressed – and how to get some relief

On any given day, more than a third of your contact center agents are over-stressed. Here’s why – and what you can do about it.

The American Psychological Association found 36% of employees experience stress at work. The top reasons:

  • Almost 50% say they don’t make enough money. You might not be able to raise their salaries, but try these two ways to put more money their pockets: 1) offer bonuses or commissions for up- or cross-sells, and 2) provide on-site financial advice forums (HR or your benefits provider might be able to do this).
  • About 45% say they don’t get enough praise and recognition. Easy fix: Recognize good work every day. Thank agents for specific contributions. Highlight outstanding work at department meetings.
  • Almost 40% say they’re stressed because they don’t get opportunities to grow in their jobs. Help them see a better future by regularly reviewing goals, accomplishments and a career path.

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