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3 questions that quickly build rapport with customers

The quicker contact center agents can build rapport with customers the better. Here are three questions that can help agents do that.

The questions from The 11 Laws of Likability by Michelle Tillis Lederman show customers agents are truly interested in them and their needs.


  • “What do you …?” Asking customers what they do professionally or outside of work helps uncover similarities. For instance, “What sports do you enjoy?” is better than “Do you watch NFL?”
  • “How did you …” Asking customers for advice based on their successes will flatter them and make them more comfortable opening up to your company. For instance, “Sounds like your company’s sales are rising. How did you manage that in this economy?”
  •  “What do you think about …?” Most people love the opportunity to share their opinions. Ask them how they feel about your products, a non-controversial news or sports event or an industry trend. Encourage them to talk more by saying, “Tell me more” or “Go on.”

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