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3 phrases that drive customers crazy

You can drive customers crazy — and possibly running to the competition — if you say this.

These three phrases suggest contact center pros either aren’t responsible or aren’t capable — which, of course, they are.

So avoid saying:

  • “That’s impossible.” It suggests the customer is lying or the agent isn’t wiling to do what the customer wants. Instead, say,  “That doesn’t match my records. Let’s see what we can dig up.”
  • “I emailed you that last week.” This suggests customers are irresponsible. Meanwhile, the message could’ve been lost in the shuffle or just ignored. Now there’s not much you can do about it, so move on.  Say: “Let me look into why you didn’t receive that.”
  • “I’m not sure.” Agents are professionals who know where to find answers when they don’t have them. So tell customers that you at least know where to find the answer. Say: “Let me check on that, and I’ll get back to you by 4 p.m. today.”

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