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3 most common mistakes committed when buying CRM solutions

The road to buying customer relationship management (CRM) solutions is full of potholes. Here’s how to avoid the three biggest.

Buying a CRM solution is a costly and time-consuming job. No contact center leader wants to get it wrong – especially after the check has been written and the agents have been trained.

To avoid a buying disaster, use these three tips from CRM Outsiders:

  • Downplaying problems. No one likes to dig up the biggest business issues and lay them out to be examined. So they get downplayed or justified.  Instead, contact centers want to bring everything from the biggest to the smallest  issues to the table so the right solution is picked.
  • Making technology the primary solution. The technology that’s chosen will help improve issues. But underlying problems in customer management need to be addressed first. Then the solution can be chosen to align with the new processes.
  • Failing to hit the right goals for right now. CRM solutions should be chosen to fix current issues or improve processes. After that’s been accomplished, contact center leaders can ask, “What can my CRM software do now?”

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