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3 important lessons from a social media trailblazer

As more and more contact centers add social media to their help menus, these lessons from a trailblazer will help.

Comcast was probably one of the first and most active companies to implement social media into its contact centers. Frank Eliason, who was Senior Director of National Customer Service Operations at Comcast and is currently with Citi, offered these tips:

  1. Listen to customers, don’t just try to engage them. You can probably fix some problems before customers contact you just by listening to what’s on their minds.
  2. Be you, not the company. To build trust in a faceless environment, agents want to introduce themselves by their first named and their association with the company.
  3. Exchange messages using conversational language, and avoid company words such as “policy” and “procedure” to maintain a helpful tone.

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