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3 fast ways to motivate your team today

With holiday celebrations on everyone’s minds, it might be hard to motivate them to work now. These quick tips can help.

Use these anytime of year when employees might be distracted:

  1. Set a goal, give a quick prize. Send an email offering a prize (say a coffee shop gift card or an extra 15-minute break) to the first person to reach a short-sighted (number of calls, compliments or sales) goal for the morning.
  2. Teach a new skill. In a morning meeting, teach a new skill (perhaps a little-used, but efficient tool on your software) and reward each person who can prove he or she mastered it today.
  3. Be fun. Talk about the fun things you’re going to do over the holidays. A good mood inspires people to work faster, smarter and more efficiently.

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