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2 pricesless training topics (that you might not cover)

Everyone in the contact center gets a good dose of product and soft skill training. Are you sure everyone gets enough – or any – of these priceless kinds of training?

Agents need to know more about the organization and its products, services and processes. They need to know how it all comes together and where it all came from. Train them on the inner workings and history like this:

  1. Mentoring. Veteran employees know why things are done the way they are (from why you never park in the first spot to the reason for faxing and e-mailing special orders). New agents can learn those important, unwritten rules by spending time with veterans. Arrange time for professional (side-by-side coaching) and personal (lunch) training.
  2. Traditions lessons. New employees will more likely embrace the company’s policies and processes if they understand when they were created and why. New-hire training should include its company history, milestones and people who’ve shaped it.

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