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16 questions to ask your boss about what you sell

Salespeople have a stream of questions they’re supposed to ask customers. The answers provide info needed to open new accounts or establish long-term relationships. But obtaining internal info is just as critical. 

Here are 16 questions to ask your sales manager today:

  1. Which of our products or services are key to our company’s success?
  2. Which are the best door openers?
  3. If I could sell only one of our products/services this year, which would it be?
  4. Which of our products/services are our existing customers most interested in?
  5. Do we have any products/services that aren’t really all that popular?
  6. If we’re selling into multiple industries, where is the best place to start?
  7. Which market segments present the best opportunities right now?
  8. Who are the most influential people involved in the decision-making process?
  9. What factors, if any (such as time of year), tend to impact sales?
  10. Can you give me an overview of the primary products or services I’ll be selling?
  11. What’s the target market for these offerings? Why are they a good fit?
  12. How do they help customers/companies? What outcomes do they generate?
  13. What’s the best way for me to differentiate our products/services from the competition?
  14. What competitive advantages do we have over the competition?
  15. What competitive advantages does the competition offer that we can’t match?
  16. How should I handle customer complaints?

Adapted from: “Agile Selling,” by Jill Konrath, a renowned sales strategist whose clients include IBM, Microsoft, Staples and Hilton.

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