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15 things you should never do with customers

9. Looking down or up at them

When people show up in a conference room for a meeting, they sit where it’s convenient — and often end up in chairs too high or too low for themselves.

Adjust your chair so you’re at eye level with customers. Don’t end up looking like a little kid or a person on a pedestal.

10. Speak softly

You’d think that people who deal with customers would maintain an audible voice. But that doesn’t always happen.

Make sure you mimic customers’ decibel levels and speak clearly.

11. Dress like a mess

176881714Here’s a news flash that some people haven’t received: Casual Friday and casual every other day is a fad that’s gone out of style. Customers expect to see the professionals they work with to dress like professionals.

That doesn’t mean you must have top-of-the-line attire. It does mean that you need to wear pressed, fitted clothes that are age, weather and situation appropriate. Meeting a customer is kind of like a date, so you also want hair, face and hygiene at its best.

12. Forget meal manners

Very few people can remember all the meal-time etiquette rules their mothers taught them. But they’re all valuable lessons in a business meal — from the right glass and cutlery to use to the polite things to order.

For the latest (which is mostly the old-fashion but still true) business meal etiquette, check out this.

13. Drink too much

200278039-001Business get-togethers offer a lot of opportunities for drinking alcohol — from dinner receptions and happy hours to sports and cultural events. Too much liquor often causes people’s lips to move faster than their minds, and they end up promising things they can’t deliver, saying things that aren’t flattering or giving up too much information.

The best bet when socializing with customers: Have one alcoholic drink.

14. Talk too much

Meeting with customers is a great opportunity for you to share everything that’s new about you, your company and its solutions. Customers see it as a great opportunity to have their thoughts heard — yet, many businesspeople get so focused on talking about what they bring to the table, they ignore customer feedback.

Ask customers to share complaints, thoughts and new ideas. Spend more time listening and reading body language, and less time talking.

15. Get touchy

InappropriateIt doesn’t matter how friendly anyone becomes with customers, it’s a business relationship.

Maintain a professional distance at all times. Avoid physical contact beyond a handshake. Meet in groups, when possible. If a customer gets touchy, let your boss know immediately.

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