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13 things you should never do at work

Some things should never happen in a contact center. And yet, some people leave their manners at the door.

It seems like you shouldn’t have to tell adults to avoid these behaviors, but they often do it anyway, says workplace etiquette expert Amy Beth Miller.

So you may want to post this list of things not to do in the contact center – ever:

  • Clip or paint your fingernails or toenails.
  • Spray hair products, perfume or cologne.
  • Take your shoes off.
  • Wear t-shirts with inappropriate language or images on them.
  • Fail to take a shower or bathe every day.
  • Belch or pass gas at your desk.
  • Chew with your mouth open or talk with your mouth full of food.
  • Snap or smack your gum.
  • Eat co-workers’ food from the company fridge.
  • Reheat smelly food in the office microwave.
  • Share your prejudices and political views freely.
  • Tell racy or inappropriate jokes.
  • Leave a mess anywhere, especially in the bathroom or the break room.

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