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12-step plan to achieve any goal

Oil magnate H. L. Hunt recovered from bankruptcy and made billions. Hunt followed a simple formula for achievement. 

“Decide exactly what you want.” Then, “determine the price you’re going to have to pay to get it and resolve to pay that price,” Hunt said.

Here’s a 12-step plan to achieve any goal:

  1. Develop desire. Make sure you’re pursuing something you really want.
  2. Develop belief. Have faith that you can accomplish your goal.
  3. Write down in complete detail what you plan to achieve.
  4. List the benefits you will get if you accomplish your goal.
  5. Analyze your starting point so you can measure progress as you move towards your goal.
  6. Set a deadline for each step as you move forward.
  7. Make a list of all obstacles, putting the most difficult ones first.
  8. Identify needed information and skills to develop to reach your goals,
  9. List the people whose help you will need.
  10. Make a plan, organizing each step by priority.
  11. Use visualization, seeing, your goal as complete.
  12. Never give up. Keep trying. Expect and embrace all obstacles. Nothing worthwhile comes easily.

Adapted from: Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy a sales consultant.

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