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12 best practices in social media customer service

7. Get time and content right

89940422You know it’s important to respond to customers in social media at the right time. To increase interaction with customers, post pertinent information — not promotional info — that can help customers at the right time.

Facebook posts — which should be fun and interesting should go up at the end of the work day because people tend to look at the site after hours. Twitter posts should be more newsworthy — some company news, some links to other sites with relevant industry information — and put up two or three times a day during work hours when people look for that kind of information, Levesque suggested.

8. Make it easier

179812896Give customers icons at the top of the company website and social sites to connect in any way they choose — Twitter, Facebook, phone, online chat, etc. Reason: While customers’ first instinct may be to connect via social media, many change their minds and want easy access to help on the phone or an FAQ page, said Anderson.

Even more helpful: Use your “contact us” page to clarify best times to reach out on each channel.

Another note: Maintain just one account in each of the social media outlets. Some organizations start a page, then build a different customer service page — which only garners confusion with customers and creates inconsistent experiences.

9. Bring reps to life

Customer service heroLet customers know they’re chatting with a real person by having reps use their real initials, or first names and last initials in conversations.

Even better, some companies include reps’ head shots or a personal photo — perhaps of a favorite animal or vacation spot — with their posts and responses.

10. Focus on resolution, too

ideaAs much as we focus on response time in social media, it’s equally important to focus on getting issues fixed.

Anderson shared this success: One bank has agents work through customer issues until the customer confirms it has been resolved.

There are no hand-offs or “Let me get back to you.” The focus of every social media contact at the bank is reaching a resolution.

11. Keep customer care the priority

122578149Because customers increasingly go to social media for service reasons, Levesque suggested that social media efforts and support remain in the hands of customer care.

That team already knows how to professionally, consistently and accurately help customers — and is the best candidate to do it via social media.

12. Ensure brand cohesion

162895606Marketing still needs to play a strong role, in the social media presence. They want to be sure that the content looks and feels the same across all channels.

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