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10-minute tricks to get more organized

No one in a contact center can overhaul habits and get more organized overnight. But these 10-minute tricks can get everyone moving in the right direction.

When you have trouble getting ahead of, or just keeping up with, demand, try these ideas from productivity expert Marissa Brassfield:

  • Work intensely for 10 minutes, nonstop. When you have trouble staying on task, hit a timer and avoid all distractions. The burst will get you back in focus.
  • De-clutter. Dedicate 10 minutes each week to unsubscribe from email and paper newsletters and publications you don’t use, but clutter up your inbox.
  • End the week right. At the end of your work week, take 10 minutes to audit what was accomplished and set up the top things that must be done at the start of the following week.
  • Organize. Spend five minutes in the morning and five more at the end of the day clearing things off your desk that you don’t need at hand, and other items out of your space that you will never need.
  • Take a walk. Use 10 minutes of as many lunch breaks you can each week to walk quietly. The exercise serves as a mind-clearer and health-booster.

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