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What 92% of companies fail to do when they survey customers

Only 8% of contact centers do this when they survey customers – and it makes all the difference between successful and useless surveys.

While almost every company (98%) surveys customers, only 8% close the loop on the surveys, MarketTools researchers recently found. Only a handful tell customers what they’ve done with the feedback they’ve taken the time to give.

What’s more, only about half of the companies share customer feedback with staff and only 42% actually use the insight to make changes.

What a waste of customers’ time and the company’s efforts!

To get full and practical use of your survey results:

  • Send better surveys. Keep surveys short (fewer than five questions) and notify customers before you send them so they know what’s coming and why.
  • Only ask questions on things you can change. For instance, if you don’t have the means to speed up delivery, don’t ask customers what they think of the current delivery speed.
  • Close the loop. Post online, in company literature and in the media what you’ve done as a result of customer surveys. When customers see you’ve acted on their ideas, you’ll get continued, valuable feedback.

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