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You’ll lose 30% of customers this year – unless agents do this

Just think: About one in three customers you talk to today will walk away this year. Fortunately, you can do something to prevent it.

That’s what the average company does – loses 30% of customers yearly.

But there’s good news: Contact center agents can almost always win back upset customers or, even better, do things to make sure they never leave, according to Jill Griffin, author of Customer Loyalty: How to Earn It, How to Keep It.

Here are the steps your contact center wants to take to rebuild relationships with customers who’ve left:

  1. Gather data on customers who haven’t purchased in 12 months. Then ask them, “What can we do to win you back?”
  2. Listen closely, then analyze what customers want to make sure it’s a win-win deal. (Note: some customers may not be worth taking back – you can’t meet their changing needs, they’ve outgrown you, or they were never profitable.)
  3. Show how you’ve changed. Once you figure out how to meet the demands or fix the situations for customers who’ve strayed, ask them if what you do now will fit their needs better.
  4. Stay in touch. Some customers may need a little time to decide if the changes or fixes are OK. Check in with them after a few days. If they don’t decide to come back, periodically check in with email or a personal call to let them know they’re on your mind and help you stay on their minds.
  5. Reward customers who return with a thank you card and a promise to do more to meet their needs.

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