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You said what? How to get out of hot water

You said something to a customer or co-worker that you wish you didn’t. Now what?

Here’s advice from experts at USA Weekend on how to fix three of the worst kind of communication and professional gaffes.

  1. You unintentionally insulted someone. For instance, you poke fun at a sports figure who just got into some legal trouble and your customer says the jock is still his idol. What to do: Own up to the misstep. Say, “Well I’m certainly no authority on this. I should consider all the facts before I speak.”
  2. Your joke was inappropriate. What to do: Acknowledge that you offended a co-worker or customer and move on. Don’t try another joke to offset the situation.
  3. You were caught talking negatively about someone. What to do: Apologize immediately. It’s in poor taste to talk about colleagues, customers or competitors, and you want to say you’re sorry and pledge to not do it again.

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