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You have self-service, but do customers know how to help themselves?

Self-service is a powerful customer service tool – but it’s worthless if customers don’t know how to help themselves. So can your customers maximize your self-service tools? 

Most companies offer self-service on their websites, in apps, in social media and on phone lines. But fewer make sure customers can consistently find, consume and share what they need.

“In today’s digital first world, customers want and expect their questions to be answered quickly and accurately,” says Gordon White, General Manager, Americas for tsc: – a Sitel Group company. “One of the best ways to ensure this is to have a solid digital care strategy in place that makes the self-service process as painless as possible.”

4 keys to better self-service

To create a digital self-service experience that is seamless, and give customers what they expect, you want to make it:

  • Searchable. A one-size-fits-all FAQ page doesn’t get the job done anymore. Instead, create a search function with a search bar on all pages, or embed links on a “table of contents search page” that is no more than one-click from your home page. That can help customers jump to the information most relevant to their questions rather than scroll to find.
  • Interactive. You want to offer information in several formats to meet different needs and preferences. Some customers learn by watching, so YouTube videos are helpful. Others might like online diagrams or written tutorials to troubleshoot.
  • Personalized. Customers give you information and insight on them nearly every day. Track what they ask and you answer. Track their search paths across your site. You can use that information to answer the next-step questions. For instance, if they search something like, “Is Part X compatible with Device Y?,” you can lead them to that answer and follow it with a link to, “How to connect Part X to Device Y.”
  • Shareable. Once customers search for information on your website, service page or app – and hopefully got what they requested – you want to get some information from them so you can make every experience better. Ask them to rate the information they found. Give them the option to post their feedback to social media. That gives you valuable feedback, and other customers who might have the same questions will get an opportunity to find answers in social media quickly.

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