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Why the CEO needs to visit the contact center today

Here’s brand new research proving why the top brass needs to visit the contact center now.

Research released today found an even stronger link between employee satisfaction and serious business resluts.

Companies with CEOs who take an interest in their employees’ happiness have higher customer satisfaction ratings and repeat business, the University of Missouri researcher found.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty is almost twice as strong when employee satisfaction is high.

How can CEOs and other top company officials keep frontline agents motivated to give the kind of service that wins loyalty? Researchers suggested they:

  • Give agents satisfying work, mixing up their duties and responsibilities and looking for opportunities for them to grow.
  • Offer them challenges to try new areas of interest and lead in areas where they excel.
  • Allow agents to have a sense of ownership in their daily tasks and the business, by asking their opinions and keeping them informed of company movement.

Contact center leaders will want to pass this research along to the C-suite.

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