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Why the C-Suite is finally thinking Service

Contact centers have long been considered a back room function of companies. Not anymore, say many executives.

The people at the top of a growing number of organizations have turned their eyes from the salesforce to the customer service force in hopes of seeing more profits.

More than 85% of executives in a Forrester Research survey said customer experience is a top strategic priority in the coming years. And we all know who is on the other end of most of the experiences — contact center professionals like you.

So how can you live up to those C-level expectations? Try these key tactics.

  • The right hand must know what the left hand is doing. Create a database – or work with a vendor to do it – that allows agents to know customers’ full history of contacting you. If they sent an email before calling, agents need to refer to that to create a consistent experience.
  • Give customers more access. If given the opportunity, customers would likely want to interact with your company more. Inviting them to attend webinars by your product specialists or participate in a focus group where they can learn and share more will make everyday experiences seem even better.


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