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Why it’s so hard to gain customer loyalty

Why’s it so hard to gain customer loyalty these days? Here’s what contact center leaders say.

Sure, customers are distracted by technology and their own work-life balance. In addition to that, contact center pros in a Call Center Week survey said loyalty suffers because they sometimes struggle to:

  • Create new ways to enhance the customer experience (37% ).
  • Achieve operational efficiency (31%)
  • Balance operational metrics with customer-focused metrics (21%)
  • Serve customers in social media and find a relevant way to measure its success (16%), and
  • Get customers and agents emotionally engaged in the company’s brand (15%)

So contact center leaders can get bogged down with operational issues and lose focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty. One way many organizations have kept a sharp focus on customers is employing a “customer advocate” or “Chief Customer Officer.”

Once a mainstay in government agencies, the advocate is growing in popularity in the private sector. He or she often keeps up-to-date stats on customer satisfaction, loyalty and churn. Then he or she spends time with all departments breaking down the implications and finding ways they can get more customer-focused.

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