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Why eating lunch at your desk is a really bad idea

Busy day, so you eat lunch at your desk. Here’s why that’s a really bad idea for your contact center.

Employees who skip a lunch break, scarf down a sandwich while watching YouTube and throw themselves back into work are less productive than those who take a full break.

The break-takers are less stressed because they’ve taken time to relax and disconnect from work demands. That leaves them less likely to experience burnout — a major cause of lost productivity, workplace experts say.

The worst part: Just 21% of workers regularly leave their workstation for a mid-day meal, a Right Management study] found.

Understandably, the demands of the contact center are higher at some times than others, and agents may have to work a little more. But those instances must be the exception, not the norm, experts agree.

Instead, leaders want to make sure agents take all their breaks. Even better, when possible, leaders should organize group break time so agents get opportunities to socialize while relaxing, too.

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