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Why do customers leave? Hint – it’s not for the competition

Here’s the No. 1 reason customers walk away – and you can almost always prevent it.

Almost 70% of customers leave because they didn’t like the negative attitude of a person at the company, a Progressive Business survey found. In addition:

  • 14% leave because of poor product or service
  • 14% leave because a competitor lured them away
  • 3% leave because they changed jobs or location, and
  • 1% passed away or retired

As a contact center agent, you can help keep almost all of your customers loyal with an upbeat, positive attitude. Keys:

  • Keep it professional, not personal. When dealing with upset customers, remember they’re angry at the situation, not you. Don’t let them bring you down.
  • Surround yourself with positive thoughts. On breaks, talk with positive people. Avoid complainers. In your work area, post photos, pictures and quotes that remind you of fun times and thoughts.
  • Laugh and smile. Physical acts of happiness are proven to make us mentally positive, too.

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