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Why customers buy over the phone

Contact center agents: Don’t fear selling. Customers buy over the phone for five good reasons.

Customers follow their emotions when they decide to buy something over the phone. Agents who appeal to one or all of these emotions will have success at selling, according to experts at

  1. Possession. Customers buy because they want possession right away. If you sell on this premise, you need to offer overnight shipping, immediate download or easy pick-up.
  2. Prominence. Customers buy items that make them feel special, ahead of the pack or more important than others who don’t have what they do. If you can prove your product or service will make them stand out, they’ll buy.
  3. Peer pressure. If saying no to a product or service will set customers back (from the competition, their peers, family, etc.), they will go for it — because they don’t want to be losers.
  4. Personal improvement. Customers want to get better at everything they do, so items need to touted as things that will improve their quality of life, work and recreation.
  5. Familiarity. Customers will agree to buy products that benefit those around them – family, friends, bosses, colleagues. Appeal to their love of, and obligation to, others.

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