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Why customers blab bad stuff about you

Watch out, contact center pros: One bad experience, and many customers are ready to blab about it. Here’s why:

While most customers report good experiences with contact centers, those who have a bad experience want to tell friends, family and colleagues about it. Their reasons cited in a RightNow survey:

  • 85% want to warn others about the pitfalls of doing business with you
  • 66% want to discourage others from doing business with you
  • 55% want to vent anger or disappointment, and
  • 24% want to see if your company will take action to resolve the issue.

When you know customers have had an experience they didn’t like, take steps to rebound before they start spreading bad news.

  1. Let them vent. If they get it all out in your ear, they may not need to tell others.
  2. Fix the issue and tell them about the hoops you jumped through or special treatment you gave them to make it happen. The extra attention will soon be the prominent memory.
  3. Give them a reason to come back happily. Offer a discount, free service, sneak peak, sample, etc.
  4. Spread the wealth. Offer to give a discount to a friend or family member also. Then they’ll bring in someone who might have otherwise only heard bad things about you.

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