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Why agents should be more involved in performance reviews

If year end means performance reviews, you better start talking more to agents now. Here’s why.

The best managers get employees involved in their performance appraisal early and often. In fact, a recent SmartPulse survey found that more than half of managers ask their employees to do “rigorous” self-evaluations. Another 25% of leaders ask their employees for input (but don’t use it all, they admit).

There are several good reasons for agents to do the self-appraisals before the actual one-on-one with the boss:

  • If they take an honest look at their performance, any negative feedback won’t come as a surprise
  • They can see how much they accomplished, and be motivated by it, and
  • They’ll have a better understanding of what they’re capable of doing.

To help agents and yourself prepare for effective performance reviews, take these steps:

  • Arm yourselves. Pull up all performance metrics and quality information kept on individual agents in the time since the last review and give it to the agent, as well.
  • Prepare. Ask agents to review it, decide what was done well and what leaves room for improvement. Managers want to do the same.
  • Get a larger view. Ask agents to be prepared to give some feedback on their bosses’ performance and ways they can help them do their jobs better. Managers will want to check in with colleagues who work closely with agents also for some feedback on their performance.
  • Keep money talk separate. Stick to performance issues and accomplishments during these meetings. Arrange salary, bonus and raise conversations for a later time or date.
  • Reward quickly. Don’t let bonuses or rewards go stale. Give them quickly after performance reviews so reps are motivated to continue doing well.

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