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Why agents need to talk to your contact center’s website pros

You could cut call volume if your contact center agents and website pros sat down together to chat more often. Here’s why.

Almost 65% of customers look at company website content before they get in touch with the contact center, a CFI Group survey found.

Customers want to be resourceful, preferring to look up answers over calling or emailing. Problem is, they often can’t find what they need on the website.

That’s where contact center agents can help. If agents sat with Marketers, web designers and IT pros from time to time, they could give first-hand insight to what customers want online.

When meeting with the web pros, agents want to share:

  • customers’ most frequently asked questions, in order of frequency. That way, the FAQ page can be set up with the most important questions in clear sight for customers who might be tempted to just scan.
  • what customers say about the website. Customers often tell agents what they looked for, and failed to find, on the site. Ask agents to keep notes of these comments.
  • what they’d like to see. Agents can look at the site through the customers’ eyes and give direction on answering customers’ unspoken needs.

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