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Who’s beefing up staff in 2011 and who isn’t

It may be tougher to find qualified applicants for your contact center this year. Here’s why.

More than 40% of contact center managers plan on increasing staff this year – and another 40% will keep headcount where it is, a Customer Service Group survey recently showed. Only 18% of managers plan on downsizing.

So the pool of qualified applicants will likely shrink.

Try one of these proven recruiting ideas from E*TRADE Financial:

  1. Search the outlying areas. The contact center manager at E*TRADE posted want ads on websites of small, local newspapers near its contact center and found a bounty of great candidates.
  2. Reward referrals. The manager also gave employees cash bonuses if they referred a candidate who was hired and stayed on at least 90 days. That helped find people who fit into their existing contact center culture.

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