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Who delivers the worst service?

What do the companies that deliver the worst customer service have in common? Here’s what new research reveals.

Contact centers and agents don’t have much control over many of the reasons companies were listed on the MSN Money-Zogby International annual Customer Service Wall of Shame.

Customers in the survey say these companies upset them because they were hit wit h “gotcha fees” and surprise rate hikes, or they just found service complicated.

The top 10 Hall of Shamers include: Farmers Insurance Group, JPMorgan Chase, Progressive, CitiGroup, Comcast, Time Warner, Sprint, Capital One, AOL and Bank of America.

Between 30% and 40% of customers rated experiences with these companies as “poor,” the research found.

The major reasons: Customers were surprised and bothered by fees or changes that negatively affected them or they couldn’t figure out how to get the help they needed.

Check yesterday’s post for the Wall of Fame list.

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