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The newest service ‘Champs’ – and why they’re at the top

Find out who tops the list of customer service champions this year.

JD Power and Associates recently named its 2012 Customer Service Champions – organizations that set the bar for service, customer experience and satisfaction.

The travel sector holds ten of the top 50 positions – more than any other industry. Many airlines, hotels and rental car companies get high ratings because they deliver a consistent, great experience across channels and locations. Those positive experiences are remembered and talked about (in person and online) by customers.

A common link among all the organizations on JD Power’s list: They are known as great employers, creating cultures where employees grow and want to stay.

Even if you aren’t a large organization, your contact center can learn from service champions’ best practices:

  • Be consistent. Regularly remind everyone in your organization – whether they deal with customers or not – of your service mission. Check that they know how to deliver on it (in the rare instances that they may interact with customers), and train when necessary.
  • Start at home. Most of the 2012 champions treat employees as good as (if not better than) customers. Establish guidelines for treating people with respect at work. Make sure your pay and benefits equals or exceeds the local averages. Be flexible with all that you can.

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