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What’s the one thing you can do to get more customers?

What’s the one thing contact center agents can do every day to help boost the company’s bottom line?

Agents can use every conversation to remind current happy customers to tell others about their organization and outstanding customer service.

Here’s why that’ll win new customers: 76% of people say word of mouth is what they use most when deciding where they’ll do business, the Accenture Global Consumer Survey recently found.

Even better, it doesn’t take a marketing plan to start a successful word-of-mouth campaign. Even Facebook’s popularity spread via word-of-mouth – albeit much online.

Two ways agents can get customers to talk and gain more business:

  • Put a tag on their email signature reminding customers to tell others about their company and include a direct website link for a first-purchase discount.
  • End conversations with a statement like this: “It was a pleasure to help you today. Please tell your friends and family about us, and if anyone has questions, direct them to me at 555-4444.”

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