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What’s the most effective way to motivate call center agents?

Many attempts at motivating call center professionals come up short because they don’t hit the mark. So how do you know what’s effective without trying everything first? Use this guide.

Call center leaders in a recent Help Desk Institute survey said these proved to be the most effective ways to boost morale:

  • Monetary rewards (26%)
  • Recognition program (22%)
  • Professional development (20%)
  • Comp time/paid time off (17%)
  • Team-building events (12%)
  • Contests/Competitions (12%)
  • Setting career paths (9%)
  • Off-site meetings or functions (3%)
  • Other activities (39%)

If you don’t have the budget to increase monetary rewards, this is great news. Agents are almost as motivated by recognition and personal development.

Here are two inexpensive ways to recognize agents and raise morale:

  1. Use rotating awards – “trophies” for outstanding work. For instance, a Pillsbury Dough Boy for the agent who brought in the most sales or a ketchup bottle for the agent who helped the group “catch up” in a busy time. Let agents pass it on to the most deserving colleague.
  2. Give them five. It can be an extra five minutes for break or to come in late and leave early. Or give $5 gas, convenience store or car wash cards.

Check tomorrow’s post for ways to motivate with personal development.

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