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What’s the ideal length of a discount redemption window?

The longer you run a sale, the more time you give customers to take advantage of it, right?

Of course — but there’s a hidden danger too, as Jim Taschetta, CMO of digital media marketing firm FreeMonee, recently pointed out at

Taschetta says a big redemption window also means you’re probably subsidizing a large amount of business from customers who would’ve purchased from you anyway.

The idea is to get customers to make an unplanned visit. And by running a long discount promotion, you can actually do more damage than good.

So how do you walk the fine line between sparking unplanned visits and subsidizing purchases you’d get anyway?

Run the promo for seven days, says Taschetta. He says FreeMonee’s research found that creates less than a 5% chance of incidental redemption.

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