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What’s the best way to get customers to buy more?

What’s the newest, best way to get customers to buy more?

Turns out, it’s social media.

Customers who follow companies on Twitter or become fans on Facebook buy more, research by Chadwick Martin Bailey and IModerate found.  Even better, customers who watch for tweets and are fans of business pages recommend those companies to their friends, family and colleagues.

One caveat: They don’t buy into “Facebook groups.” They consider official Twitter tweets and info that goes to fans the most reliable and interesting sources of information on their favorite companies.

So how can contact center pros get more fans? Try these ideas:

  1. Tell customers how they can become Facebook fans or follow your company on Twitter at the end of conversations. Post details about your social media presence on invoices, e-mail, letters and every paper or electronic document they receive from you.
  2. Reward their loyalty with discounts and products or services exclusive to them. Their elite status will prompt them to spread the word. Just be ready for an influx of demand when they “retweet.”

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